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Conversations around the coffee cup….Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as I write this blog, having my speckled hen coffee in one of my favorite mugs, I am truly thankful. At this special time of year, we do tend to think more about our blessings and what we are most thankful for.

I am like most people, I am thankful for Family, friends, farm,
home, food to eat, clothes to wear…and of course coffee to drink 🙂 . But after the turkey has been eaten and we are the ones who are stuffed, is Thanksgiving forgotten about and now let black Friday and cyber Monday begin? I almost feel Thanksgiving is about to be a forgotten Holiday. I say that as I listen to the one of the best Christmas albums ever..Vince Guaraldi Trio .. A Charlie Brown Christmas (of course my opinion, could be another blog??)

Thanksgiving and the act of giving thanks should be a daily thing not just for a day/week in November. We are blessed everyday as we awaken to a new day. A day that we can show gratitude and thankfulness for it. With a sense of gratitude and thankfulness in our hearts/minds, it can set the tone for the day. I’m not saying everyday will the best day ever…but thinking about what I’m thankful  for when the trials of the day start, can change the way I look at things and handle circumstances. This sense of gratitude/thankfulness can be a infectious outcome of our attitude that may help others that we encounter along the day. A smile on your face, a calmness about your soul and a happy spirit.. This also can be a kindness..which we need more of these days…

Thanksgiving…counting our blessings.. all our blessings and not only just a day we spend with family and or friends.. A daily reminder, I believe can help change our attitudes. I asked Siri what the definition of Thanksgiving was..the rely …. The expression of gratitude , especially to God. I love this.. Yes I believe in God and His saving grace through His son Jesus Christ. All my praise and gratitude belongs to Him. I’m thankful to Him and all He has given me.

As you spend time with your family and / or friends this Thanksgiving, enjoy your time together, enjoy good food, great conversations and hopefully great coffee too, but remember to count your blessings…name them one by one…count your blessings…see what God hath done.


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