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Here comes 2019

As the hours dwindle away from 2018… I reflect back to a exciting year for speckled hen.. I have been able to work with an exceptional group from Alderman company. They have taken my idea/ideas and ran with them… more is coming in 2019. I personally “retired” from my real job of 25 years .. neonatal nurse, to pursue a dream of roasting a great cup of joe. The sky is the limit… Speckled Hen met the goals I set back in September of this year after my retirement. I am stilling working on goals for 2019. Main goal to grow as company and continue to provide great coffee experiences … this will be a ongoing goal… Personally .. I don’t like the word resolution.. setting goal/resolutions is a great idea… I know I need to exercise more, eat better, read more, less screen time, more quality time,etc. But I decided to do it differently this year. I taking one day at a time… trying to treat each day as new years day … to stride to do better each day and if I fall short .. I can start afresh .. Lamentations 3: 22-23 NIV says “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”. My faith tells me I can start new each morning…that is what I plan to do … grow my faith, excerise more, eat healthier, show more grace, mercy and kindness. and love and enjoy my family and friends..Speckled Hen and I personally have been blessed… as I say good bye to 2018, I say thanks for the memories. Looking forward to making new ones in 2019.

Conversations around the coffee cup….Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as I write this blog, having my speckled hen coffee in one of my favorite mugs, I am truly thankful. At this special time of year, we do tend to think more about our blessings and what we are most thankful for.

I am like most people, I am thankful for Family, friends, farm,
home, food to eat, clothes to wear…and of course coffee to drink ūüôā . But after the turkey has been eaten and we are the ones who are stuffed, is Thanksgiving forgotten about and now let black Friday and cyber Monday begin? I almost feel Thanksgiving is about to be a forgotten Holiday. I say that as I listen to the one of the best Christmas albums ever..Vince Guaraldi Trio .. A Charlie Brown Christmas (of course my opinion, could be another blog??)

Thanksgiving and the act of giving thanks should be a daily thing not just for a day/week in November. We are blessed everyday as we awaken to a new day. A day that we can show gratitude and thankfulness for it. With a sense of gratitude and thankfulness in our hearts/minds, it can set the tone for the day. I’m not saying everyday will the best day ever…but thinking about what I’m thankful¬† for when the trials of the day start, can change the way I look at things and handle circumstances. This sense of gratitude/thankfulness can be a infectious outcome of our attitude that may help others that we encounter along the day. A smile on your face, a calmness about your soul and a happy spirit.. This also can be a kindness..which we need more of these days…

Thanksgiving…counting our blessings.. all our blessings and not only just a day we spend with family and or friends.. A daily reminder, I believe can help change our attitudes. I asked Siri what the definition of Thanksgiving was..the rely …. The expression of gratitude , especially to God. I love this.. Yes I believe in God and His saving grace through His son Jesus Christ. All my praise and gratitude belongs to Him. I’m thankful to Him and all He has given me.

As you spend time with your family and / or friends this Thanksgiving, enjoy your time together, enjoy good food, great conversations and hopefully great coffee too, but remember to count your blessings…name them one by one…count your blessings…see what God hath done.


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Paying Attention to Details

Paying attention to details….¬† that’s Speckled Hen’s conversation around the coffee mug this rainy cool fall morning..

Paying attention to the details, is one of the ways Speckled Hen is setting itself apart.

How so?? I’m so glad you asked. One way is sourcing the highest quality beans to roast then pass along to you my valuable customer and consumer of great coffee.

I feel another way and most importantly…. is Speckled Hen’s attention to quality control. This actually begins before the green coffee beans are placed in the roaster. Each batch is looked over for any defective beans. These defective beans are removed.¬† After the roast starts the next series of quality control begins. As the beans are cooling in the cooling bin, I stir and look for any beans that are under or over developed, these are removed.¬† When the beans are cooled and moved to bowl the be weighed, the bowl is taken to the window where the sunlight is bright, 2nd round of quality control takes place. Looking again for over/under developed or defective beans. The beans are looked over a third time right before placing in the the bags.

Paying Attention to all details is very important to Speckled Hen… I want my customers to know that I¬†value them and I appreciate them purchasing from Speckled Hen. More to more about paying attention to details. Many wonderful things are happening and I will be sharing soon.

Til then Enjoy your brew with those you love…Jo

“Keep company with God, get in on the best” Psalm 37:4 The Message

Kenya AB RA Nyeri County Nyeri Hill Estate

Coffee Fans

I am pleased to talk about our new arrival Kenya AB RA Nyeri Hill Estate. The region of Nyeri is home to the extinct volcano of Mount Kenya, The red rich soils here produce some to the best coffee in Kenya. Nyeri Hill Estate is one of the first coffee farms established in eastern Africa. Coffee seedlings were first planted in 1914. Nyeri Hill Estate  is 1415 total hectares, of which 344 is devoted to coffee. Three varietals are grown SL28, SL34 and Riuru II. It is a unique coffee estate that not only focuses on the cultivating great coffee, but prioritizing community thru academic, social and environmental impacts. Nyeri Hill estate prides itself on providing high quality coffee and providing a high quality of life for employees.

AB = the size of the beans

RA=Rain Forest Alliance certified.

This coffee was cupped to have the notes of pomegranate, orange, citrus, bergamont tea and floral sweetness. This coffee has a silkiness to the mouthfeel with a medium/intense acidity according to strength of ration of coffee to water.

Enjoy your coffee with those you love!!

PS: I have noted this beans like chaff, I call them my messy beans, it doesnt interfere with the taste.

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

Coffee fans… our current roast is from Costa Rica . Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora is high quality strictly hard bean with a washed process. The cupping of this bean had¬† notes of Currant wine, blackberry, caramel, hazelnut, sweet citrus, floral and balanced. This has been a crowd pleaser for sure. It is in limited supply. Hurry to order not to miss out on this great cup of coffee.

I wanted to add to this blog about this coffee:

Coope Tarrazu is a cooperative made up of 3500 partners and associates…it places high value on solidarity and sustainability. The region this coope grows coffee is one of the most recognizable coffee growing areas in Costa Rica.

The coffee beans are grown in a high elevation of 1,200-1,900 meters . Harvest is during the dry season of November to March. This helps with coffee unity and ability to process the coffee beans with sun drying.

The La Pastora is the bread and butter offering from this coope.

Conversations around the coffee cup

Conversations around the coffee cup, what does that look like for you? For me, it’s a gathering of family and or friends, enjoying each others company with a wonderful meal. Great Food, Great coffee, Great conversations and even better.. awesome people.¬† Seeing my family and friends laugh and enjoy themselves while sharing coffee is so satisfying and makes me smile. I can see others enjoying the “fruits” of my labor while enjoying being together. Another way I enjoy conversations around the coffee cup is my quiet time on my back porch. Quiet time with my God and Savior, reading devotionals, scriptures and having conversations with my heavenly Father.. that’s truly special for me. Conversations and coffee…can’t get much better than that.

That is why Speckled Hen was started ….the love of a great cup of coffee, that turned in to a passion of roasting to share with others. I’m a coffee snob to extent that coffee must be black, nothing in it, no flavored coffee (yuck!!!!), single origin, micro

lots even better, but high quality beans is a must!¬† French press is my favorite way to make coffee, followed by pour over… but I mostly make drip coffee to be honest. I just love coffee..

I’ll take my coffee with conversations…How about you??

Going forward many of my blogs will be about conversations that are had around the coffee cup and how God is teaching me while enjoying my morning brew.

Enjoy your brew with those you love.