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Conversations around the coffee cup – Speckled Hen Coffee Roasters

Conversations around the coffee cup

Conversations around the coffee cup, what does that look like for you? For me, it’s a gathering of family and or friends, enjoying each others company with a wonderful meal. Great Food, Great coffee, Great conversations and even better.. awesome people.  Seeing my family and friends laugh and enjoy themselves while sharing coffee is so satisfying and makes me smile. I can see others enjoying the “fruits” of my labor while enjoying being together. Another way I enjoy conversations around the coffee cup is my quiet time on my back porch. Quiet time with my God and Savior, reading devotionals, scriptures and having conversations with my heavenly Father.. that’s truly special for me. Conversations and coffee…can’t get much better than that.

That is why Speckled Hen was started ….the love of a great cup of coffee, that turned in to a passion of roasting to share with others. I’m a coffee snob to extent that coffee must be black, nothing in it, no flavored coffee (yuck!!!!), single origin, micro

lots even better, but high quality beans is a must!  French press is my favorite way to make coffee, followed by pour over… but I mostly make drip coffee to be honest. I just love coffee..

I’ll take my coffee with conversations…How about you??

Going forward many of my blogs will be about conversations that are had around the coffee cup and how God is teaching me while enjoying my morning brew.

Enjoy your brew with those you love.