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Paying Attention to Details – Speckled Hen Coffee Roasters

Paying Attention to Details

Paying attention to details….  that’s Speckled Hen’s conversation around the coffee mug this rainy cool fall morning..

Paying attention to the details, is one of the ways Speckled Hen is setting itself apart.

How so?? I’m so glad you asked. One way is sourcing the highest quality beans to roast then pass along to you my valuable customer and consumer of great coffee.

I feel another way and most importantly…. is Speckled Hen’s attention to quality control. This actually begins before the green coffee beans are placed in the roaster. Each batch is looked over for any defective beans. These defective beans are removed.  After the roast starts the next series of quality control begins. As the beans are cooling in the cooling bin, I stir and look for any beans that are under or over developed, these are removed.  When the beans are cooled and moved to bowl the be weighed, the bowl is taken to the window where the sunlight is bright, 2nd round of quality control takes place. Looking again for over/under developed or defective beans. The beans are looked over a third time right before placing in the the bags.

Paying Attention to all details is very important to Speckled Hen… I want my customers to know that I value them and I appreciate them purchasing from Speckled Hen. More to more about paying attention to details. Many wonderful things are happening and I will be sharing soon.

Til then Enjoy your brew with those you love…Jo

“Keep company with God, get in on the best” Psalm 37:4 The Message

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